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What can RVEA offer my business?

What can Ribble Valley offer my business?
RVEA offers a comprehensive package of support to pre-starts, new and established businesses. We provide business advice, information, training and development, and access to finance.

The service is delivered by one-to-one advice sessions and group seminars/workshops.

Pre-start businesses
  • Our main objective with new businesses is to help the owner address the viability (or otherwise) of the proposed business. In order to do this, detailed market research is encouraged leading to the production of a business plan.
  • The business plan is then used as a benchmark in order to monitor the progress of the business, and as a warning to identify if the business is not going to plan. It can help identify what has changed and what steps need to be taken to bring it back on course.
New and established businesses
  • Established businesses are given support by way of in-depth advice sessions using a business health check or business review, depending on the type and size of business. This support will assist the business to grow inline with its objectives and within its market.
  • Our Business Club provides opportunities for networking and keeping up to date with business information.
      Youth Enterprise
      • RVEA provides advisers for youth enterprise programmes.
      • We are actively invovled with Young Enterprise
      • We offer business conferences in schools and colleges.
      Special advice for creative businesses
      • We provide access to specialist advice for creative and cultural industries through the ELCID initiative.
      Learn before you leap
      • We offer a range of courses and seminars for both new and established businesses. Click here for more information.
      You really want to start your own business?
      • Hard work will mean little or no social life at first - there is no alternative.
      • Your income will be low or very low initially, and perhaps for some time.
      • You and your family will be under considerable strain - you will need their support.
      • You will need to learn some basic skills in areas you probably don't enjoy, such as book-keeping.
      • You will have demanding new masters, including customers and the bank manager.
      So why start at all?
      • Your ideas are commercially sound.
      • You have courage and determination.
      • You are prepared to work hard on the basics.
      • It may be the best move you ever make!
      Start Right
      • You only get one chance to launch a new business. Once you start trading you will be working flat out just to service customers and find new ones.
      • Advice from your local Enterprise Agency can really help you prepare and give you a better chance of survival.

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