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Ribble Valley Recliners
Ribble Valley Recliners

   "Ribble Valley Enterprise Agency
helped our venture both
financially and with
business advice,"
says Richard Wood of
Ribble Valley Recliners."

Established in October 2002, Ribble Valley Recliners Ltd is a family business run by Jane and Richard Wood. Centrally located in the market town of Clitheroe, Lancashire, the showroom features a selection of chairs to suit all shapes and sizes.

Their friendly advice will direct you to the chair that meets all your requirements. From the initial welcome, through to the delivered chair, the company is fast building a reputation for exceptional customer service.

Richard's background knowledge comes from 15 years in the upholstery foam industry, working through production, sales and ending up in factory management.

"I always enjoyed talking to the customer, listening to their needs and finding a solution. Self employment was the logical progression, and the Clitheroe premises suit our family life perfectly," says Richard. 

Satisfied with the 'sit' of the chair, some customers require a viewing in their own home setting before making the final decision - it's all part of the service.
"We like our customers to be 100% pleased with their purchase. It's good for our reputation."

While selling reclining furniture is the core part of the business, the shop also stocks associated products, such as carved wooden animals, tables, cushions and throws, illuminated pictures and even electric fires.

"Ribble Valley Enterprise Agency helped our venture both financially and with business advice," says Richard. "We benefited from the initial start up grant, and also help with funding to develop our web site.

"One thing that can happen when you remove yourself from working with lots of people, and work on your own, is that you can develop 'tunnel vision'. It's always helpful to participate in the Agency's organised talks and seminars. You can pick up essential points from the course, and other attendants. We're still evolving, and I can thank Ribble Valley Enterprise Agency for its past help, and future participation in our business."


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